The Albany Democratic Club is proud to endorse the following candidates for

March 3, 2020:


Alameda County Court Judge, Seat 2

No endorsement (Threshold not met)


Alameda County Supervisor

Nick Pilch endorsed


Albany Measure B:

Endorsement - Yes


Alameda County Democratic Party AD15, 60% threshold based on total votes cast for multiple seats:

Kathy Neal

Nick Pilch

Barbara "Bobbi" Lopez

Andy Kelley

Igor A. Tregub


The Albany Democratic Club was proud to endorse the following candidates for

November 6th,  2018:

California Assembly District 15

Buffy Wicks

Albany City Council:

Preston Jordan

Rochelle Nason

Albany School Board:

Sara Hinkley

Brian Doss

Charlie Blanchard

Vote "Yes" on:

Albany Measures L, M, N

East Bay Regional Parks District Measure FF


Vote "No" on:

California Proposition 6

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