Join us at our next online meeting on

Thursday, November 19 at 7pm

What a crazy 2 weeks it's been!  We've all been going through so many ups and downs.  Excitement over the Biden/Harris win but horror at Trump's response and concern for the future after he got many more votes this time than 4 years ago - 70+million people said (and are still saying) they want 4 more chaotic science-denying theocratic self-enriching years!  Many other races in the House, Senate and at all levels had their ups and downs.

Please join us this Thursday November 19th at 7pm for our 3rd Thursday meeting focused on the November election!  Come ready to listen but also to share information about any races you've been following and your thoughts on Team Trump's doings.

Our featured speakers are from Focus 2020.  In the past year, Albany residents Aaron and Julia Frank formed a large donor network and raised over $20 million to fund evidence-based tactics to flip the White House. Once the pandemic hit, they created a volunteer group—Focus 2020– and recruited over 2400 poll workers for Philadelphia. They’ll talk about their results and plans for Georgia.

Afterwards we'll continue the theme of elections - taking a look at how Club endorsements went, discussing with each other what people know of local and regional races, generally shooting the breeze about what happened and what lies ahead.

Also on the agenda will be the usual update of Albany city council actions, Albany commission and committee work - apply for openings now! - and other goings on around town.  And we will review some proposed changes to the Club's bylaws which can be ratified at a future meeting, mostly changes to bring some of our endorsement policies in line with the county's and to remove wording that disallows using ranked choice voting in endorsement votes.

For Zoom link, email the Club at and get on our mailing list by signing up here .

Bryan Marten 

President, Albany Democratic Club

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