Happy Inauguration!

Next meeting tonight:

Thursday, January 21

What a wild week it's been!  Hopefully you got to see some of the historic inauguration and other events on Wednesday including the swearing in of 3 new Democratic senators (2 GA, 1 CA) with many firsts.


Tonight join us at 7pm January 21st via the Zoom link from our email list (or email the Club for the link at albanydemocraticclub@gmail.com) for 3 main events:


1) A discussion of a state-wide election happening by mail right now.  Come to discuss who you know in this bewildering list of 33 candidates vying for the 14 slots to represent our California Assembly District 15 in state Dem party decisions.  If you followed our prior emails and requested a ballot before January 11, bring it to help make your voting decisions.  Click here for details


2) Vote on bylaws changes we've discussed in the past.*  See the proposed changes here.


3) Vote on club leadership - President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 Officers At Large.*  Now's a great time to get involved with the decision-making in the club!


We'll also start with introductions and do the usual updates on goings on around town in committees, commissions, the city council and other areas.  Share any news you know about too!  Hope to see you there!

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